How Much Water Should a Cat Drink a Day

How Much Water Should a Cat Drink a Day

Water is really something that cats love and hate. Cats hate bathing and getting their fur wet, but they have to drink enough water to avoid disease.

So how much water should a cat drink a day to be considered adequate?

Daily water requirement of an adult cat = weight x 60ml

which means a 4.5kg cat should drink at least 4.5x60ml=270ml of water per day.


Water intake can be obtained not only from drinking water but also from cat food, snacks, and broths.

The water content of common staple foods is as follows:
Dry food/freeze-dried food: below 10%
Wet cat food/canned food: 60% to 80%
Raw meat: more than 70%

Kittens are more willing to drink water compared to adult and older cats. Cats that do not drink enough water, especially older cats, are very prone to urinary tract diseases.

How do you get your cat to drink more water?

You can consider choosing raw meat or wet food for feeding, or choosing rehydrate freeze-dried food.

You can also choose to make some broth for your cat (don't add any seasoning!) Or buy instant broth for pets, or add a small amount of creamy cat treats or cat grass to the water to tempt your cat to drink.


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