The main two types of cat diets actually are dry cat food and wet cat food. You may see more of dry food. Let’s learn more about wet food today! Your cat friends will need it!

Benefits of wet cat food
1.Weight management and control. Wet cat food is lower in calories. Dry cat food is much more likely to cause diabetes and obesity, which are two common and severe feline health problems.

2.Extra water intake. Cats naturally drink little water, some vets prefer wet food because of its higher moisture keeps cats hydrated.

3.Real meat ingredients. Wet cat food offers high protein. It can reduce the risks of allergies especially when your cat has a sensitive stomach. So your cats can have better digestion, skin and coats.


Type and Texture of wet cat food


Thin, long, and flat pieces of fish that is served in broth.


Thin, long pieces of meat in varying widths and some light gravy.


Completely smooth recipe with uniform consistency. Pâtés are also spreadable. It can vary with some being softer and creamier, and some being firmer.


Very tiny chopped crumbles served in light gravy.

Packages of wet cat food


Cans have a delicious pâté texture. Wet food usually comes in tin cans. Canned cat food has high moisture content, which can help cats get their daily hydration.


Standup pouches contain only small amount of cat food, so there is no wastage.

Cans are still the main packaging for wet foods, with easy-pull openers that cats know a meal is about to be served.


Shop wet cat food
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  • Made without - grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors or preservatives
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