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Get Curious Cat Window Perch
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Color: Orange
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Product Information
VIP Seat
A VIP viewing place for a curious cat to watch. A good place for cats to sit and soak up the sun.
Extra Safety
It's very safe with the Heavy-duty and reliable suctioning.(Cat Weight Recommendation: 18kg (39.68lb) or less
Easy to Maintain
High-quality material, with cat-hair-resistant PVC or fabric for scratching.
The suction cup can be used again after being washed in warm water. It is easy to put up and take down
How it works
Designed for Cats
Keep Indoor Cats Entertained
Bring the excitement of outdoors, inside! Your cat has a front-row seat to patrol the neighborhood and intimidate intruders. 
Stable & Secure
No ledge needed! Heavy-duty suction cups securely attach to the window and can safely hold a cat up to 18kg!
Built to Last
Top-quality materials were used in construction including cat-hair resistant PVC and scratch-resistant fabric. Reusable suction cups regain their strength after being washed in warm water. 
Tested by Our Feline Focus Group
This is my front-row seat to a captivating show.
From my spot, I witness the world unfold before my eyes.
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