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About Us
(3 reviews)
Tent-Shaped Cat Bed
Free Shipping
Color: Green/L
Product Information
Rugged Material
Cotton canvas withstands cat scratches and retains its shape.
Dual-Sided Mattress
Comfortable padded mattress with a plush side for warmth in the winter and a breathable cool cotton side for summer.
Flexible Supports Rods
Flexible fiberglass support rods provide stability.
Easy to Assemble and Carry
The Tent-Shaped Cat Bed can be assembled in 30 seconds.
Dismantles for cleaning and the tent is machine-washable.
How it works
Designed for Cats
Upgrade their Catnap
A spacious retreat designed to enhance sleep.  Dark inside color and semi-enclosed space promotes a safe, cave-like feel. Available in large or extra large. 
Dual High-Density Mattress
Comfortable padded mattress with a plush side for warmth in the winter and a breathable cool cotton side for summer.
Easy Care and Maintenance
Only 30-seconds to assemble. Rugged cotton canvas withstands cat scratches. Flexible fiberglass rods provide stability. Dismantles for cleaning and is machine-washable.
Tested by Our Feline Focus Group
Please leave. I like to sleep undisturbed.
It provides shade and comfort for my outside time.
Please no more pictures. I’m trying to sleep here.
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3 reviews
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Have 1 cat
Kitty loves it!
Sep 26th, 2023
My cat was skeptical at first but she loves her tent now! It provides her an area of shade and quiet within the apartment.
Have 1 cat
Always Has a Favorite Spot
Jan 9th, 2024
Olive loves her tent. Regardless of where I move in inside the house she nuzzles into it and always has a favorite spot. It is especially nice when it is colder in our house. The poles came broken the first time and I got a replacement in 3 days! Amazing service.
Have 1 cat
A total YES!
Jul 17th, 2024
We loved this tent bed. It has plenty of space, comfortably fitting our large cat. The durable mat at the bottom provides a cozy surface. The mesh window at the back lets our cats observe their surroundings, making them feel secure. The tent is incredibly easy to set up. We always find our cat napping inside.
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