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About Us
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The ARTistiCAT Scratchers
Transform your walls into a gallery of feline expression with our ARTistiCAT Scratchers! These vertical scratchers satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch and add a touch of artistic flair.
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Color: Leonardo da Claw
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Product Information
Durable, Non-Shedding
Made from Sisal (Agave Sisalana) to withstand repeated, rigorous scratching without shedding. Save your Sofas.
Save your Sofas
Are your sofas getting scratched? The ARTistiCAT scratchers provide an appropriate and alternative vertical scratching surface for marking, stretching, and stress relief. Easy Application & Removal
Easy Application & Removal
No need for nails or screw! The strong, damage-free hanging and removal make it simple to switch out scratchers once your cats have finished adding their final touch to their masterpiece.
What’s Included
How it works
Tested by Our Feline Focus Group
I use it to get out my frustrations when nobody will play with me
1 reviews
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Have 2 cats
So creative
Jul 18th, 2024
These scratchers are so fun. Ordered the Leonardo da Claw and its the best decoration for my apartment. My cats loved it!
Is the Cat Scratcher Art sold by other companies or is it exclusive to FurryTail?
How does it stick to the walls without nails?
Can it be removed easily?
Does it damage the wall?
Can we get customized artwork made?
What are the 4 variations?
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