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FurryTail recently interviewed one of our brand’s friends -- a young Indian couple and this blog tells a loving story about neonatal foster parents who adopted a Tiny Foster Kitten by chance and helped each other grow up.

So how do they get along with this "honored guest"? Let's enter the story of a family of three.

    • *Neonatal kittens are often abandoned, weak, and in desperate need of help. Nowadays there are some Tiny Foster Kittens Homes whose goal is to step in and save those in-need and care for them until they are ready to be placed into their forever homes.


    Dog Person VS Cat Person

    Dog Person Meets Tiny Foster Kitten And Now They're Inseparable | This guy was always a dog person — until he met the most adorable kitten ever

    “I never thought I would be loving a cat as much as I love a dog, but Korin has just changed that for me.”

    "I think Korin when he came home he was not like the other cats."


    The biggest support that I've given

    If you have a cat, there must be so many touching stories.

    Remember the first time that you saw your kitten? The first time you feed them, you feel you are really a parent and own them?

    And how did they stay with you when you were sad?

    “Korin has filled a very big hole in my life.”

    "I cried at that moment because I felt at that moment that he accepted me."



    The funniest thing he ever did 

    Sometimes they act like little kids and look so rebellious or do things you don't expect which make you laugh or get angry, but so what, they're still your favorite baby.

    "He fell down and go to so embarrassed, he ran, everybody just burst laughing"

    "Are you supposed to be a cat and you did that??"

    What made me decide to adopt a cat

    What was your story with your first cat? That must be so impressive.

    The Maitri's story goes like this:



    How I raise Korin

    We believe that every cat has their own character and peculiarity and also different eating habits. Raising a cat would not be easy for a new mother. Let's see how Maitri did for Korin.



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