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About Us
Spacious interior accommodating cats between 3-22 pounds.
Automatic cleaning with smart detection or clean on-demand
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Automatic Litter Box Pro
Easy access for all cats, effortless smart cleaning, and no more scooping.
Free scoop & litter mat included!
Anticipated shipping ranges from mid-March to mid-April.
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Product Information
Get the Scoop without Scooping! 
You can learn about your cat’s health from their litter box habits. Know how frequently they go, how long they spend in the litterbox, and significant weight fluctuations without having to do the dirty job of manually scooping poop.
‘Flushes’ After Every Visit!
Cats don’t like to use a dirty litter box. Our litter box does the dirty work of flushing after every visit so that it’s a clean box every time. Just replace the waste disposal bag every 5 days!
Suitable for Multi-Cat Households
We know that cat lovers often have more than one cat in the house. Our weight sensor will recognize each cat and our health app will track their unique bathroom habits. 
Smart Safety Features
Multiple sensors keep your cat safe. Proximity and weight sensors pause a cleaning cycle when a cat approaches, or is inside the litter box. The adjustable ‘night light’ and low-entry design adds accessibility for senior, Munchkin, and disabled cats.
What’s Included
1. 1 Automatic litter Box Pro
2. FREE 1 year supply of litter bags (80)
3. 1 FREE litter mat
Effortless for Humans
How it Works
How to Clean it
Designed for your Cat's Health
Smart Safety Features
Proximity Sensor
Weight Sensor
Scooping Sensor
Easy Access
Spacious Interior Space
Night Light
Proximity Sensor

Our proximity sensor is equipped with radar technology. It can detect objects within 32 inches and will automatically pause the cleaning cycle.
Weight Sensor

Our weight sensor gets triggered when something enters the litter box. It identifies each cat by weight and tracks their individual bathroom behavior.
Scooping Sensor

The scooping sensor provides an additional level of safety and will stop the cleaning operation when it detects an obstruction.

The 5 inches low entry makes it easy for senior, disabled and Munchkin cats. No need for a ramp or stairs!
Spacious Interior Space

Holds 1-gallon of litter and is large enough for even Maine Coons. Safe for cats and kittens that are 4 months+ and weigh between 3 lbs and 18 lbs.
Night Light

The adjustable orange light lights the way to the litter box and provides a comforting night light.
Multi-Cats Family Friendly
Tested by Our Feline Focus Group
I give it a tail up with a kink!
short legs
I keep marking it but it disappears. I don't get it!
Even though tons of us use it, it stays clean 24/7!
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Worry-Free Maintenances
One-Click to Dump Litter

One click to effortlessly empty the litter. No need to manually scoop dirty litter. Deep cleaning is now quick and easy!
Large Litter Capacity

The spacious drum has the capacity for 1-gallon of litter and the 2 gallon waste bag only needs to be changed every 5 days.
Easy to Clean

Remove the drum from the base for deep cleaning. There are no electrical components in the drum so you can clean it with water.

After washing with water, remove the plug to allow the water to drain out of the drum.
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Spacious Interior in a Compact Footprint
Compact Footprint
Compact footprint, streamlined design, seamlessly blending into your home's aesthetics.
Enough room for cats less than 18 Lbs.
27 gallon spacious interior, ideal for cats weighing up to 18 lbs and cats aged 4 months and older.
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How is the Automatic Litter Box Pro different than other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market?
What can you track in the app?
What sensors does FurryTail’s Automatic Litter Box Pro have?
Does the Automatic Litter Box Pro use batteries?
Does the Automatic Litter Box Pro require assembly?
What waste bags do you recommend using?
How often do you need to replace the waste bags, and how do I do it?
What litter would you recommend using?
How many cats can use the Automatic Litter Box Pro?
How can I make the adjustment to the Automatic Litter Box Pro easier for my cat?
How much noise is made during a cleaning cycle?
How do I clean the litter box?
How often do I need to replace the litter?
How can I adjust the ambient light?
What are the weight/age restrictions?
How much litter can it hold?
Why should I buy the Automatic Litter Box Pro now?
What are the shipping details?
What is the warranty period and what does it cover?
What is the return or refund policy?
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