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Choose the Right Cat Carrier

Clear cat carriers with a unique design has exploded in recent years mong cat owners, the backpack + transparent hemisphere window to meet the cat owners’ desire of showing off their cat. The sales volume has soared ever since.

Cats can be "carried around", the little furry head inside of a small window is to attract passers-by ‘s attention frequently. A clear cat carrier gradually evolved from a hemispherical window to a whole side of the backpack became fully transparent.


As natural hunters, cats are extremely sensitive to unfamiliar environments and. The owners walk around on the street with them, but for cats, this environment is full of threats and unknowns. The genes of cats determine that they need to find hidden corners in unfamiliar environments. A transparent cat carrier with no dead ends means exposure and inability to move for cats. The eyes and pointing of passers-by are utmost threat to cats.

The small space makes it impossible for the cat to stand up or lie down. The transparent case makes the cat nowhere to hide, but they can only form a ball and bury their faces in the corner. The seemingly useful ventilation holes cannot satisfy the cat at all. High temperatures can also lead to heat stroke, hypoxia, and may even cause severe stress in cats.


The author's cat has experienced the harm caused by this transparent astronaut cat backpack. "When I first raised a cat, I followed the trend and bought a transparent cat backpack. There are several small ventilation holes on the bag.. Every time I take my cat out for injections or fresh air, she starts to be restless, and scratching around in the bag, screaming, then opening her mouth to breathe."

"The worst was when she vomited directly in the bag. Only then did I understand that the reason why she curled up in the corner is because the nervousness and fear caused by having nowhere to hide."


The choice of cat bag should be based on the principles of good ventilation, good shielding, moderate space, and durability. A good cat bag can provide the cat with enough sense of security, appropriate sitting and lying space and flowing air.

FurryTail foldable cat backpack has extra-large capacity bearing 9 kg, large mesh surface on both sides to meet both breathability and concealment.

FurryTail meets the needs of cats and owners!


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