furrytail tent cat bed

Let Your Cat Experience The Fun Of Camping At Home!

Are you tired of traditional cat beds?

Are those cat beds can't match your cat's wild temperament?

Plush cat beds take up too much space, and it is difficult to store multiple cat beds?

Come and see FurryTails's Go Glamping Cat Tent, let your cat’s body and mind to enjoy camping at home.


The material of the tent roof is made of scratch-resistant pure cotton canvas, so you are not afraid of the cat to destroy it with it’s little paws! Tent skeleton using lightweight tempered fiber poles, strong and durable to resist tumbling. The foldable design makes it easy to assemble, carry, store and clean.


Internal cushions are made of different materials on both sides, one side is made of high-density short fleece which is soft and warm! another side is made of the cotton canvas which is breathable and cool! One bed for four seasons!


Large entry door, convenient for cats to walk in, run in, fly in or roll in! The mesh floor-to-ceiling windows are convenient for natural hunters to observe secretly and attack at any time!

FurryTails's Go Glamping Cat Tent is available in two colors for cats to choose from:

Outdoor Green is wild and cool

Night Purple is gentle and dominant


Cat owners, come and buy it for your cats!


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