No matter what the family conditions, the cat is always the boss of the family.

“Since you are a boss, you must look like a boss” – Shakespeare the cat

How can a boss not have a boss chair?

Furrytail is ready for your boss to be chill and cool! Cat Boss Bed!

Everyone is born to serve me - your cat boss


Cat Boss Bed can be rotated 360° and the speed is moderate. Do you want to harm your boss? No way! The speed limit prevents dizziness, Cat Boss Bed will not easily rotate when your cat gets in and out.

SAFTY +++++

FUN +++++


Eco-friendly Fiber Lining

The lining is resistant to scratching, there is not afraid of the boss's “domineering” exposure;
The lining is comfortable and breathable, sweaty feet kitty approved; no static, no balling-up, no power magic to attack your cats.


Pure White ABS Sphere

360° dead-end beauty, integrated into home design.
Matte surface is easy to clean, lightly rubbed to look like new forever.


30° Elevation Angle

Easy access, your cats can sit or lie down or roll around.


Bottom Anti-slip Pad
Not easy to slide, the boss is sitting steady as a mountain.
Listen, your boss speaks: "Human, buy me, right now."