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About Us
Our water fountain has 5 filters to remove dirt, kibble, fur, microparticles, odors, chlorine and metal ions for clean and clear water.
The water fountain produces only 30db. The quiet operation reassures scaredy cats and makes it possible to use even in the bedroom.
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Automatic Clear Cat Water Fountain/2L
Revolutionary water purity, continuous fresh flow, and feline-approved design for a worry-free experience.
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White water fountain
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Product Information
Fresh Flowing Water
We know that cats prefer running water and our fountain circulates the water continuously. With 5 filters to purify the water, your cat gets clean and clear water.
Safety Features
Our fountain has an automatic shut off and anti-spill design. A nylon anti-bite power cord and sealed circuit provide added protection for your pet.
Large Reservoir
Our fountain stores 2 liters - enough water for your cat for a week. The 360-degree open water tray makes it accessible for multiple cats at the same time.
Quiet Operation
Our fountain produces only 30db and provides the soothing white noise of running water. This makes it appropriate for scaredy cats and can be used in the bedroom.
Low Water Level Alert
The light at the bottom of the fountain will turn on to let you know when the water level is running low.
What’s Included
How it works
Safe & Sanitary for Cats
Effortless for Humans
Smart Safety Shut Off
When the water level is getting low, a warning light turns on and the pump automatically shuts off.
The seperate water tank can be easily removed to clean and thet electricity will automatically shut-off. Smooth inner walls of the tank make it easy to reach every nook and cranny.
Overflow Prevention
Safety features include a runoff ridge and raised walls to prevent water from spilling on to the floor.
Tested by Feline Focus Group
My water smells and tastes fresh and clean!
It filters out the dirt from my paws.
The sound of running water is so soothing and relaxing.
My hydration station is better than the sink!
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Quiet and Efficient
Energy Efficient
Running the fountain 24 hours a day for an entire month consumes less than one kilowatt-hour per month.
Soothing Sound
The quiet operation (30db) reassures scaredy cats and makes it possible to use even in the bedroom.
Hear It from Real Customers
Great Gadget
"This pampers my fur baby. I like that she drinks running water as it is better for her health. She prefers it to her water bowl and it stops her from drinking from the tap."
Super Quiet
"I prefer this fountain to another fountain I bought because this one is quiet. You only hear trickling water. We both find it soothing TBH."
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