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Go Glamping Foldable Cat Backpack
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Backpack+mini bag+fanBackpackMini storage bagPortable fan
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Product Information
The large opening at the top of the backpack allows pets to be easily placed in the bag.
The top layer, combined with the lower layer, can also function as a cat bed at home.
Comfortable for You and Your Cats
The backpack has large aperture mesh on both sides to keep air circulating and allow your pet to breathe fresh air at all times. Reduces the gravity borne by the shoulders and avoids the appearance of sloping shoulders. So you'll feel relaxed, comfortable and exert an even force.
Large Space
It can carry pets that weigh up to 18 pounds, and the weight won't change the way the backpack looks.
270° Panoramic View
270° panoramic window on the top, giving a broader vision for cats.
How it works
Designed for Cats
Custom Climate-Control
Withstands any weather with waterproof fabric, padded interior for warmth, convertible roof for airflow or closed for privacy and shelter. Dual side windows for cross-ventilation.
Multipurpose for Extended Adventures
This portable penthouse suite is versatile. It converts to a temporary litter box or cat bed.  Easy assembly and folds down for space-saving storage.
Comfort on the Go
Spacious interior accommodates cats up to 18lbs. 270° panoramic window on the top so your cats feel comfortable and secure.
Tested by Our Feline Focus Group
The perfect place to rest after a day of adventures.
Perfect for incognito birding expeditions.
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