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FurryTail Automatic Cat Litter Box

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♻️【Care For The Environment】This cat litter box is compatible with any type of garbage bag, so there is no need to buy a special bag for it. The same garbage bag used at home can be used with this litter box, and it can accommodate any type of cat litter – no matter the size of the particles – coarse or fine, long or short, tofu litter, mineral litter, mixed litter, and more. 

❤️【Give Your Cat The Love They Deserve】This litter box has a low-entry design that makes it easy for cats of all sizes to enter and exit. It is especially beneficial for cats with shorter legs, elderly cats, and large cats, as it eliminates the need for a step ladder.

⚙️【Ease and Convenience】This litter box is equipped with smart detection and cleaning functions, so when your cat leaves the box, it will activate the automated cleaning process. The spacious litter drawer allows single-cat households to go up to 7-10 days without scooping the litter.


【All-Round Cleaning】This litter box is the perfect all-round cleaning system. It features a detachable and water-washable mesh filter, and the bucket body can be easily removed and safely washed with water,eliminating the risk of electric shock.

【Large Space, More Comfortable】This litter box provides a spacious interior capacity of 57L, allowing cats to turn around comfortably. It is suitable for cats of all sizes, ranging from 3-18 pounds, and cats over 4 months old.

【Ultrar odor-blocking】Its "gravity odor-proof" function keeps the lid of the collection bin sealed, so no smelly odors can escape. Enjoy the ultimate odor-blocking experience with this revolutionary litter box!

【Product Warranty Service】 Buy with confidence! Our product comes with a free 2-year warranty. If you experience any issues within the warranty period, we'll provide free repair or replacement service (limited to the first 100 customers).


Color: White

Product Mode: UCAT C10

Main Material: PP

Product Size: 520x530x555mm

Input: 12V ---1A

Rated Power: 12W

For Cat Weight: 3-22 lbs/ Age> 4 months

Machine Weight 9.5KG

Max Weight Capacity: 44 lbs/20 kg

Waste Bin Capacity: 5L/1.3 Gal

Applicable Litter: All clumping cat litter (length<15 mm)

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    FurryTail Automatic Cat Litter Box
    FurryTail Automatic Cat Litter Box
    FurryTail Automatic Cat Litter Box

    FurryTail Automatic Cat Litter Box

    FurryTail's one-piece design structure with its unique cylindrical bucket makes it the perfect automatic cat litter box. It has a weight sensor which pauses the litter box when your cats approach, ensuring their safety and reducing the risk of any pinching. And it's equipped with a millimeter-wave radar sensor that can detect up to 1.5 meters in a 120-degree range, giving your beloved pet all-round protection.

    • Low entrance makes entry & exit easy
    • Suitable for cats 3-18 lbs
    • Compatible with any type of liter
    • Spacious even for large cats
    • Gravity Oder control function
    • Sturdy & durable

    A.😎 Protect Your Cats with Comprehensive Coverage!

    Experience the convenience of the smart cat litter box! Perfect for cats of all sizes, ages, and mobility levels. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your cat's litter box is designed to make their life easier.

    I. Trust Our Brand for Quality and Reliability.

    Safely designed, Durably made, Dependably used.

    II. Experience Simple Button Design!

    Say "goodbye" to complicated operations and make your life easier with our easy-to-use product!

    B. 😉 Installing or Uninstalling, A Breeze!

    1. It has a large waste container, allowing one cat family to scoop for up to 7 to 10 days without having to change the litter box liner.

    2.How often you need to replace the liner varies depending on the number and size of your cats. We suggest replacing it every 3 to 5 days to prevent the growth of bacteria.

    Pinch the snap lock inward to open the cover the take out the fix frame.

    Gather the edges of the liner and dispose. Take out the waste bin.

    Spread the new bag evenly inside and smooth all edges. Insert the frame back.

    C. 🫡All-Round Cleaning Services

    1. We believe all the cats deserve the best. This specially designed filter is compatible with all types of cat litter, including tofu litter, plant litter, bentonite litter, and mixed litter, and there is no specific requirement for the size or shape of the cat litter particles. So you don't need to buy extra cat litter, just use the cat litter your cat loves!

    2. The intelligent detection system and automatic cleaning function give you peace of mind. It will detect when the cat has completed its business and, within one minute of the cat leaving, automatically begin cleaning the cat litter. This way, the cat always has a clean environment to do its business!

    I. Leave no dead corners and rinse more thoroughly.

    This smart cat litter box is equipped with a detachable mesh filter. When it needs to be cleaned, it can be removed for washing with water or wiped with a damp cloth.

    II. Just rinse it off with water! Don't worry!

    The drum is sturdy and solid, and its inner workings are simple, so it can be removed and washed with water without any worries. We guarantee it's completely safe!