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About Us
Furball Farm gives cats the best last option
Mar 12th, 2024

Furball Farm gives cats the best last option

Life in a cage is hard for most animals, especially cats. Adjusting to the confines of a small metal cage goes against a cat’s natural and territorial instincts. A trip to the vet with the combination of a new environment and a confined space can make a normally friendly cat vicious. In shelters, this leads many cats to be labeled as troublesome or dangerous, making them unadoptable. The Furball Farm Cat Sanctuary offers an alternative to kill shelters with their cage-free environment.

“An unadoptable cat is still deserving of love and a place to call home,” says Freya. “Sometimes the freedom of a cage-free environment is all the cat needs to become friendlier.” 


What is Furball Farm Cat Sanctuary?

The Furball Farm Cat Sanctuary believes that in most cases, it is not the cat that is the problem, but the shelter. In a cage-free environment, cats labeled “unadoptable” tend to loosen up and become friendlier. At Furball Farm, cats get the freedom to roam both outside and inside. The indoor facilities are spacious and full of cat trees, beds, and toys. Cats get the opportunity to socialize - both with other cats and with humans. 

The sanctuary houses 350 cats, all spayed and neutered, with each cat available for adoption. However, the sanctuary notes that these cats have difficult backgrounds and require more time than usual to adjust to new homes and families. That’s not stopping them though because the Furball Farm is a “place where every unwanted cat gets love.”

Soup for the Cat’s Soul: A Nutritious Treat from Furball Farm

The Furball Farm also provides its very own special soup recipe for everyone to make for their cats.

Ingredients include:

  • 1 Tablespoon Lysine: An essential amino acid that helps strengthen a cat's immune system, absorb calcium, and build protein. 
  • ¼ Cup Pure Pumpkin: A nutrient-dense fruit packed with fiber and perfect for overweight cats that need to shed a few pounds. 
  • 10-12 Cans of Cat Food: Canned fish or chicken provides a strong source of meat protein for cats. 
  • ⅛ Cup Fish Oil: Omega-3 fatty acids help promote shinier coats and support joint, heart, and kidney health. 
  • 2 Cups Warm Water: Not only is it hydrating, but water helps mix the entire soup all together into a tasty blend. 

  • Add all the ingredients to a mixer and blend for 30-60 seconds until the desired consistency is reached. Not only is it a tasty dish for cats to enjoy, but it also provides them with a wide array of nutrients that promote long-lasting health, especially for senior cats. 

    How You Can Help Furball Farm Cat Sanctuary

    There are many ways to help. Volunteering is one of the simplest routes. Volunteers spend time with the cats, take care of them, clean their litter boxes, and replenish their food and water. Financial donations and donations in-kind are also encouraged to help the farm maintain supplies and keep cats up-to-date with their medicine. To memorialize the loss of your cherished pet, you can purchase and engrave a brick that will be used to help construct their outdoor fenced-in playground area. Each brick costs $125 and can be engraved with up to 3 lines. Images can be included for an additional $10. Any amount donated over the $125 minimum will go to the care of the sanctuary cats and to the Spay It Forward/Dr. Beverly Stephenson low cost, spay and neuter program.

    FurryTail Supports the Furball Farm Cat Sanctuary

    FurryTail is pleased to support the sanctuary in giving new life to unadoptable cats. We have purchased and engraved a brick in memory of Furry. In addition, we have donated our best selling Boss Cat Bed to the shelter.  This will allow the cats to have a nice place to rest their head indoors, or in their new outdoor playground. 

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