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Thinking outside of the box: why cats love boxes
Mar 12th, 2024

Thinking outside of the box: why cats love boxes 

If you’ve ever had a cat you’ll know that they adore cardboard boxes. Their small, confined space gives cats a luxury of benefits that, according to cat behaviorist Ingrid Johnson, reflect their desire to feel safe and secure. 

Ingrid Johnson is a renowned cat behaviorist who has worked exclusively with cats for over 2 decades. She has spoken at some of the most prestigious events on cat behavior including the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference. So, read more to learn what she has to say about a cat’s natural attraction to cardboard boxes and how FurryTail can help!

Why Do Cats Like Cardboard Boxes

Cats prefer secluded spaces that are dark and covered. They also enjoy being elevated so that they can get a better view of their surroundings. Not only does this make a cat feel safe, but it also encourages their predatory instincts. According to Johnson, “As a predator, boxes provide a great ambush opportunity for pouncing on unsuspecting friends!”

Cardboard boxes also provide cats with certain comforts that they can’t get while being out in the open. Due to its design cardboard boxes are insulating and “when [cats] nestle down in one it aids in maintaining their body temperature.” 

FurryTail applies this same concept in our Boss Cat Bed which provides cats with the same sense of security while also maintaining their “thermal neutral zone” which Ingrid Johnsons says helps cats “maintain their body temperature without having to expel much energy.”

Psychological Benefits of Secluded Spaces for Cats

Cats seek small, enclosed spaces because it helps them feel safe. Not only do these secluded spaces help cats feel hidden from predators, but they also give them a safe space away from busy family members in a house. Johnson calls these hiding places safe rooms and are especially beneficial to new cats. “This safe room provides several advantages. It’s a place where your new cat can get used to you and other members of the household without feeling overwhelmed by the entire home.”

Cats love their privacy, not because they are anti-social, but because they need time to themselves just like humans do. Cats want to “find a place where they can gather themselves and feel safe before checking things out.” When a cat feels comfortable it will be normal to see them wandering around the home, especially at night. All that matters is that your cat knows exactly where they feel safest when they are stressed. 

Physical Benefits of Secluded Spaces for Cats

A cat’s favorite safe place also reduces their anxiety because it helps them rest better. Cats are most active at dawn and dusk which can conflict with humans who are most active during the day. So, having a proper place to sleep can help prevent a cat from constantly waking up from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. 

FurryTail products like the Tent Shaped Cat Bed are perfect for this activity. Its enclosed shape means that cats can always feel safe and secure while resting inside. Its canopy design means that cats can also feel hidden in the shade just like a cardboard box. The bed can be placed anywhere too - inside or outside - perfect for wherever your cat’s safe room is. 

Highlighting FurryTail's Solutions

Understanding your cat’s behavior is critical for pet ownership and helps improve your relationship with them. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of the advice given by experts like Ingrid Johnson who stresses the need to provide safe rooms and secluded spaces for your feline pets. 

Our range of products at FurryTail are designed with a cat’s behavior in mind. Combining security with luxury doesn’t need to be difficult. Our beds give cats the sense of comfort they need when seeking a secluded space for rest, so visit now to see the latest we have to offer. 

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