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About Us
Behind the Bowl: Our Glass Bowls earn a coveted spot in Best Modern Gifts for Pets
Dec 5th, 2023

At FurryTail, we unleash a modern cattitude to designing products. As proud pet parents, we know how frustrating it can be to spend money on your pet only to see them prefer the packing over the product. That’s why we design and test our products on our Feline Focus Group and only sell products they award with a tail up with a kink! 

“We are so proud to see our product win a prestigious placement in Design Milk’s 2023 Best Modern Gifts for Pets + Pet Lovers,” says Freya, Founder of FurryTail. “They raved about the ergonomic design, elegant look, and multifunctionality.” 

FurryTail’s 2-in-1 Elevated Glass Cat Bowl is a beautiful way to both nourish and protect the health of your cat. In this blog, you’ll get a glimpse behind the bowl to discover how our best-selling bowls are made. Prepare to get your mind blown by our glass-blowing process. 

Elegance and Ergonomics 

Each bowl is handmade using our special glass blowing process and is unique, just like your cat. We start with the highest-quality, food-safe glass and heat, blow, and shape each bowl individually. Then the bowl gets separated into two sections and filed down to remove all sharp edges. We polish and wash the glass and then add the finishing touch by etching the FurryTail logo on the bowl. 

Besides being beautiful, our bowls are cat-friendly. The hand-blown glass bowl is elevated 4.7” to protect your cat’s neck/spine and aid in digestion. The wide, angled, shallow bowl is whisker-friendly and perfect for flat-faced cats. The use of non-porous glass helps prevent bacteria growth that can cause feline acne.  

Detailed Design  

The multi-use feature adds flexibility. The top section can be used for moist or kibble, or turned upside down to hold water. The base can be separated and used as an additional serving dish. The bowls are easy-to-clean and are top-rack dishwasher safe. The wide sturdy base with rim stops your cat from sliding or tipping the dish over.   

Get Yours Today

The glass bowl comes in three colors: translucent, blue, and green. While it is regularly priced at $35.99, our current special is to buy 2 bowls for $52. Consider it a purr-fect holiday gift and an investment in your cat’s health. 

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