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Beyond Sight: The Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary
Dec 14th, 2023

FurryTail’s Furry Tales section features charities that provide shelter, care, and love to cats. 


Beyond Sight: The Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary 

Blind cats don’t realize they are blind. They act just like cats. It’s a simple statement, but a powerful one that the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary strongly believes in. Along with cats infected with leukemia and the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), The Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is doing everything they can to ensure these cats live fulfilling lives instead of succumbing to harsh euthanasia practices at kill shelters. 

The Origin and Mission of the Sanctuary

The Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary first opened its doors in 2005 in Saint Pauls, North Carolina. The founders, a mother and daughter, originally adopted one blind cat named Louie to prevent it from being euthanized. After realizing that Louie acted just like any other cat despite his lack of vision, the two began adopting more blind cats.  A larger facility was needed to house them all, so they established The Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

Saving lives, one cat at a time

Their primary objective was to provide blind cats with a safe place to live without the threat of being killed by animal shelters. The organization claims that In North Carolina, euthanizing animals due to blindness is part of the state’s local laws. While blind cats present a unique learning curve for pet owners, they are not difficult to train. The cats use their whiskers to guide them and their acute ears help them understand their surroundings. 

In 2011, they opened a second location to house cats with FIV and leukemia (FELV). FIV is considered a lethal disease that is incurable in cats, with a possibility to transmit to others, making them less desirable for adoption. However, FIV is a slow moving disease and it is common for cats to live complete lives before ever experiencing symptoms. Transmission is also difficult, with cats needing to give a vicious and deep bite in order for the disease to spread. The organization works to spread awareness that caring for pets with FELV/FIV can be just as enjoyable, and rewarding, as adopting a cat without these conditions. 

Special needs cats are still cats. 

“Special needs cats are still cats,” says Freya, FurryTail founder. “At FurryTail, we believe that all cats deserve love and we are proud to support the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary in their efforts.” 

The FurryTail staff have donated one of our Automatic Litter Boxes to the shelter, and we encourage our customers to consider sponsoring or giving a donation to the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. If you aren’t able to provide financial support, you can still help them in their mission by volunteering. Volunteers are needed to clean cages, feed cats, write grants, and help with fundraising efforts. You can also help by purchasing items from their Amazon wishlist.
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