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DIY Cat Scratching Post Instructions
Oct 18th, 2023
Purrfect DIY Cat Scratching Post Instructions

Ever caught your fuzzy overlord sharpening their royal claws on your sofa? Yep, they're just doing their cat-thing. But hey, what if they had their own throne to scratch on? Enter the DIY cat scratching post – it’s paw-some and perfectly customizable!


Why Do Cats Go Scratchy-Scratch?

Your indoor explorer or outdoor adventurer loves to get their claws out for a bit of exercise, to mark their kingdom, or to just simply let off some kitty steam. Plus, while we love our couches intact, cats need a proper place to stretch and maintain those kitty manicures.


Why DIY?

Why buy when you can DIY? Get all crafty and customize! It's easy on the wallet and ensures your feline friend doesn’t come in contact with any shady stuff.

The Cat-tastic Materials & Tools!


  • Sisal rope: The superstar! Cats love it. Durable, nature-approved, and scratch-friendly.
  • Wood or PVC: The backbone of our cat tower! Firm and tall for our feline monarchs.
  • Wood base: Stability central! No tumbles and falls in this kingdom.
  • Carpet or fabric scraps: Extra fluff for the royal feet or a switch-up from sisal. 


  • Glue gun: For all the sticking and fixing.
  • Saw: Timber! For the wood, of course. For PVC, get that cutter.
  • Nails & Hammer (or Screws & Drill): For a strong foundation.


Picking The Claw-some Spot

Location, location, location! Place it by their royal bed (post-nap stretches!), the living room, near their previously "claimed" furniture, or by the window for a sun-soaked scratch session.


DIY Magic Steps:

  • Base Building: Decide the size. Saw it down, and sand for soft edges. Dress it up with carpet or fabric.
  • Pillar Prepping: Measure and sand. Tall enough for the full royal stretch!
  • Pillar Dress-Up: Start from the bottom and twirl that sisal rope or carpet all around. Glue as you go for that extra grip.
  • Assembly Time: Nail or screw the pillar to the base. Test for the wobble – we don't want any accidents!
  • Fancy Add-Ons: Bells, toys, or even multi-tier extravagance!


    Getting Kitty Onboard 

    Present the new throne to your furball. Use toys, lasers, or the irresistible catnip to guide them. It's their new kingdom corner!


    Keep It Pawsome!

    With all that scratching, your tower might need a touch-up. Tighten, re-wrap, and vacuum for the purrfect upkeep.


    To Wrap It Up!

    Voila! Your DIY scratching post isn't just a project; it's a labor of love! Your cat will adore it, roll over it, and of course, scratch the daylights out of it. Revel in the joy of seeing your fur-baby enjoy their very own scratch palace! Happy crafting and happier scratching!

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