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How To Get Your Cat To Drink More Water - Featuring Creamy
Jan 9th, 2024

FurryTail will feature a different Feline Focus Group cat to ‘cat-write’ our blog.  

Q: I have urinary issues but I don’t like to drink water. What can I do? 


A: Welcome to the club! I also have urinary issues and I never used to drink enough water. I actually stopped drinking water completely - which caused an expensive vet visit! 


I think part of the problem was that my water wasn’t replenished as frequently as I liked. I would knock my water bowl over to let my human know to give me fresh water. Sadly, my human isn’t very smart - she just thought I was being naughty. 


Then she started putting my water near my litter box. How gross is that?! So I started putting some litter in my water to let her know I was displeased, and that my water was smelly. Once again, she didn’t clue in! 


Finally, I just kept sitting in the sink and meowing to get her to turn the tap on. After a few days of my sink sit-in - she gave in. I now have a FurryTail Automatic Clear Cat Water Fountain and I love it!  I have fresh, running water whenever I want. Plus it filters out fur, dirt, and kibble, so I only get clean water. It holds a lot of water so I never have to worry about running out of water and it runs 24 hours. I am drinking so much more water now. The fountain is quiet and I find the sound of running water soothing for naptime. I give it a tail up with a kink!  


My advice, get your own water fountain. You are worth it! To get it faster, I would start with a #sinksit-in. The key is to be persistent and look cute! Good luck! 

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