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Q: Gemini, how do you keep your white coat pristine?
Jan 16th, 2024

First of all, thanks for noticing! I don’t mean to brag, but I am known for having the best fur in FurryTail’s Feline Focus Group. I avoid the sun, follow a healthy diet, and have a multi-pronged beauty regimen. It’s not easy keeping my white fur pristine, but I’m worth it.   


Pets with white fur can end up with a brownish discoloration, known as “tear stains” around the eyes and “salivary stains” around the mouth. Please don’t characterize these pets as being cry-babies or messy eaters. It’s not their fault. Often the stains have more to do with their genetics and inherited traits from their breed. If you want to blame anyone, blame their human. They can prevent this ugliness.  


Regular grooming can prevent these stains from appearing. At FurryTail, our eyes, mouth, and butts (yikes!) get regularly wiped with Wash-free Cleaning Gloves. The naturally deodorizing wipes both clean and moisturize our fur and skin. Plus it is safe to lick your fur afterwards. These disposable, individually wrapped gloves are perfect for travel as no water is needed. 


As a British Longhair, regular grooming is essential. I get brushed daily. Brushing maintains my coat’s health, prevents matting and tangles, reduces shedding, minimizes hairballs, and gives me some special 1:1 time. My favorite is the Cream Pet Brush. I have sensitive skin and the angled, flexible pins with rounded tips are gentle and it feels like a massage. The one thing I don’t like though is the self-cleaning button. For some reason, the easy release of fur clumps tempts humans to stack brushed fur on top of our heads. How immature!

Gemini enjoys her daily brushings.

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